Land Trust & Realty Trust Package :

NEW! Just Released!

By Federal Arbitrator/ Investor James A. Gage

Land Trusts & Realty Trusts Made Easy!


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Land & Realty Trusts.......

This one of a kind course will show you Step-By-Step how to form and use land & realty trusts to keep ownership of property, mortgages & options private and free from public intrusion.

Learn the secrets of protecting title from liens, avoiding probate of property, creditors, money hungry attorneys and tenants from H-LL. East to understand and implement; why spend thousands of dollars with attorneys when you can easily and effectively do it yourself.

Learn why you do not need to layer entities! This strategy alone will pay for the course over and over again.

 What You will receive:

* 1 Complete Manual

* 1 Forms CD ( Every document necessary to form and manage your trusts) Retail Value: $199.00

* 2 DVDS Step by step and line by line tutorials walking you through how to properly structure and fill out your land or realty trusts.

* 1 CD Oxford's Legal Dictionary: Have you ever wondered want a legal term or phrase means? Well, wonder not more! Just pop this CD in your computer and get the answer fast!

* 1 Free One-on-One consultation with the author - get your questions answered fast ! Retail $250.00

* Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping any where in the USA !

 What people are saying :

 " The best forms and non-legalize explanation I have seen in my 25 years of legal practice; wish I had put this together!"                     Robert J. Meyers, Esquire  Massachusetts

" Easy to use; I had no problem putting this information to profitable use. I have wasted thousands of dollars on other products and courses without understanding how to apply it - until now! Where have you been all my investing life? Many thanks."                                         Mary Kemper, Macon, GA

AND, as in all my systems . . . You'll learn MUCH, MUCH, MORE !

$197.00 plus Free USPS Priority Shipping

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