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James Gage

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 Quick Description:

It has been said you can have the best product, the most capable service, but without a negotiating system and the determination to make it work you won't be able to give money away in the middle of Las Vegas. Sales is a skill that is necessary for anyone who wants to attract financial success in their life. It doesn't matter what your product or services are or who your potential clients are, the only thing you need is to have a system of sales where you work smart and go to the bank.

Why doesn't negotiating training work?

Why is it that most people who attend negotiating training courses and seminars show very little sustained improvement? Why doesn't modern negotiating training consistently produce successful individuals? Why do most people do their best to avoid professional negotiators?

Is this all endemic to selling or is there something fundamentally wrong with the way we sell that causes these problems? Could it be that Negotiating as the Art of Persuasion is a concept whose time has come and gone?


We've re-invented the negotiating process from the top to bottom. Everything's changed. The rules of negotiating have changed and are different. Who you are as a person and who you are when you're engaged in negotiating, no longer have to be different. Financial success and self-respect are no longer incompatible - but are within reach.

Here is a brief preview of how the "Negotiating For Profit System" can benefit you :
  • Never make a cold call again.
  • Qualify any prospect within 4 minutes.
  • Learn to set an agenda up front.
  • Never make a formal presentation until you have qualified and closed the prospect upfront.
  • Why you should forget about the word Yes and always go for the No's.
  • Never ask for the deal, make the prospect give it to you.
  • Learn six figure income thinking by working smart and getting paid.
  • Fear of rejection will no longer be a issue.
These are just a sampling of what my "Negotiating For Profit System" can do for you and much more.


 James will show you how to Get Proven Results Immediately!

About James A. Gage:

If you are active in the investing world, or just getting started, you have heard of James A. Gage. If you haven't, just type his name into any major search engine like Google, and you can sit there for months reading the 5,000+ pages about him and his successful career as a well-known active investor and real estate mentor.

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