Short Sales Made Easy Package


"Arbitrator Thumbs Nose At Real Estate 'Guru's' Who Earn Fortunes Selling you Seminars And Courses... Finally Reveals The Fastest Ways to Create Massive Wealth Through Short Sales!"

Learn how to get your short sales accepted by the banks and mortgage companies from an industry expert with over 20 years  of experience - go from no to yes in record time!

This one of a kind course by Federal Arbitrator and real estate investor James Gage, of Gage Consulting Group is the combination of industry experience and years of real world short sale investing. Now, this lucrative information is available to both the beginner, intermediate and seasoned investor in one complete, easy to follow system ...

The Art of The Short Sale
Real Estate Investing System: Your A - Z resource guide on How To: Find, Negotiate, Secure and Close your Short Sale Deals. Everything you need to get started in this creative real estate niche is contained in this comprehensive package. This is not another "get rich quick" scheme, just solid practical information.

What you will learn :

What is a short sale 

Why do banks do short sales 

How do you profit: short sale example 

What are short sale prospects 

Will all lenders do short sales 

Forbearance Agreements

What is the step by step process to negotiate a short sale 

Should you get the deed ? 

CYA letters, Limited Power of attorney, bill of sale, purchase and sale agreement.

Authorization to release information. 

Purchase and sale agreement for sellers in foreclosure 


Calling the Bank 

Short sale package from the bank 

Mechanics of the short sale package 

Getting past the  Gate Keeper , get to where the buck stops!

Providing photos 

Listing repairs, getting comps 

Submitting the package to the lender 

The waiting period- how long does it take to do a short sale 

Follow up until you get an answer   

How much to offer 

What to do with 2nd and 3rd liens 

Formula for making short sale offers on pretty houses 

What if the lender won't discount 

What if the seller wants to stay in the house 


What you will receive :

Short Sale Manual: Our comprehensive, straight-forward, non-legalize format will equip the user with all the knowledge and tools needed to secure properties using the Short Sale method. This user friendly manual leads you step-by-step through the mechanics & paperwork of a Short Sale deal, whether you’re a first time home buyer or beginning a real estate investing portfolio this package is for you!

      2 CDs :  Why You Should Be A Short Term Real Estate Investor , recorded Live in VA. This high energy, jam packed presentation takes you through the Short Sale process. Retail $199.00 

    1 Multi-Media CD "The Art of The Short Sale"( not pictured), this 2+ hour video presentation  walks you through the short sale process from start to finish. Let James impart his 20 years of real world experience in this  jam packed, no fluff, one of a kind resource. Retail $99.00

    1 Forms CD: Our forms package contains all the contracts, assignments, releases and marketing forms you will need to operate a successful short sale.

Plus :

      2 CD Course How to Build A Real Estate Power Team (not pictured): If your serious about doing short sales, a power team is a Must!  Retail $199.00  

    GCG Newsletter: Our famous newsletter which keeps you informed of all the cutting edge real estate strategies and opportunities.  

    Making A Short Sale Counter Offer Report: This report is worth the price of the package alone. Retail $139.95 

    Added Bonus: One Mentoring Session with the Author.  $250.00 Value  

What people are saying about this system ...           

" Thank you for your straight forward, no non-sense approach to dealing with lenders; instead of spending days and weeks going back in forth with banks, you showed me how to cut my time down to 30 minutes. Your system is worth its' weight in gold - many thanks !"  Pauline Hammond, Coral Ridge, FL

" I tried to figure the process out on my own after purchasing a course at my local REIA club - boy was that a mistake! Instead of making money, I lost money and almost got into legal trouble. What I learned within the first 5 minutes of listening to your system would have prevented my previous woes! Thomas McKinney, Chula Vista, CA

AND, as in all my systems . . . You'll learn MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

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