Debt Arbitration: A Business Whose Time Has Come!



By James A. Gage

Imagine for a moment that there was a business that produced a wonderful income with virtually no competition, while helping people resolve business debt, IRS obligations and litigation out of court, along with knowing that you have made a business avoid filing bankruptcy, thus becoming viable again. Best of all you do not need a business or legal degree or background! What would you say?

Most people are tired of commuting to work every day and are frustrated that they are not able to earn the type of income to get the extras out of life. The advantages of your own Arbitration business are endless, but most of all, you will have a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment as you help people resolve their problems.

With Arbitration you can have a successful and profitable business working from home. All you need to insure that success is a professional marketing plan, specialized training and a Niche. I would like to introduce to you Independent Arbitration.

Let me reassure you, first of all, the profession is a very simple business not requiring the normal start-up capital, employees, selling expenses, inventory, financing, office space or advertising one would engage in starting a new enterprise. You donít need a specialized business education, law background, law degree or any special training other than our program. You donít even have to contend with any governmental regulations, inspections, permits, bonds or licensing. In fact, the very plain truth is that Independent Arbitration is like nothing ever seen or offered before.

In my opinion, Arbitration is better than any franchise, business opportunity, mail order or multi-level scheme. Itís significantly better than working 8-5 job. Arbitration is a simple concept that literally thousands of businesses need year in and year out. You can have the prestige of a professional, the income of a lawyer, leisure time like a dentist and a business you can sell for significant money a few years down the road. No nights. No weekends. No stress.

Ok, now for the million dollar question how much money can you make with this business? The average case generates about $2,500 to $3,000, but higher cases abound. You can set your own fee schedule and your own hours of operation - itís your business.

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