Lease Purchasing / Rent To Own

Do you want more out of life?
Suppose for a moment that there was a 21st century niche strategy in Real Estate where you can make a six figure income on a part time basis with virtually no competition.

Imagine for a moment... a real estate venture with:

  • No fixer uppers
  • No more problem tenants
  • No more rent collection issues or costly evictions
  • No adversarial negotiations
  • No more cold calls or form letters to find highly motivated sellers

Now imagine... a fun, productive business with quality homes in good neighborhoods and none of the problems stated above. How, you wonder?

Rent To Own aka Lease Purchasing - That's How!
Anyone can have a profitable business with my Rent To Own aka Lease Purchase program. Whether you're an investor looking for a niche strategy or you're simply looking for a personal residence, lease purchasing is for you.

Lease Purchasing - The Best Way to Profit in Real Estate

Rent To Own aka Lease Purchase produces income in several ways:

  • Through residual income
  • By creating A - plus notes
  • Commanding above market rents
  • Receiving 20% above market selling prices
  • Make money at the beginning, middle and end of the deal, along with monthly residual income without ownership.

The Most Important Word in Real Estate: CONTROL !
I never have to go hat in hand to bankers, mortgage brokers, or anyone else to put a great deal together. By utilizing my Rent To Own concepts I control properties quickly, without large deposits, banks, or mortgage companies.

With Rent To Own aka Lease Purchasing, you can work anywhere, anytime - with just a telephone! I work from my home office, set my own schedule, and earn a consistent income. Best of all, Rent To Own deals generate up-front cash flow, a crucial component of any successful business.

Do You Have the Millionaire Mindset?
The "Get Rich Gurus" with their infomercials featuring people romping in Hawaii or cruising on luxury yachts are pie in the sky, and are a insult to your intelligence. For too long, I've seen them pushing their generic books and tapes, and stuffing people into crowded hotel rooms. Truth be told, that's how they are making their millions.

To properly learn real estate investing (or anything else for that matter) expert instruction is key. Individual expert instruction is optimal.

Discover the Power of Two
There are hundreds of creative ways to buy, sell, and invest in real estate. I know. I explored many of them. And I learned the hard way which ones work. Rent To Own aka Lease Purchase is smart real estate investing - where all the principal parties concerned WIN!

The concepts necessary to achieve success and a consistent high income can be accomplished through one-on-one mentoring. I'll teach you how!

The Gage Consulting Group (GCG) Mentoring Program

  1. Personal consultation geared to your situation and needs.
  2. Proprietary materials and customized contracts for your specific state or country.
  3. One full year of follow up consultation by Phone, Fax or E-Mail - I'm there when you need me!

Bonus! You will learn my cutting-edge Negotiating For Profit System. This proven, negotiating and marketing system allows you to qualify the deal before going to the property. When you do go to a property, it will be to sign a contract or to pick up a check.

Click Here for more detailed information regarding our unique one-on-one mentoring program.

Learn The Secret Of Leverage !!!

You'll learn to leverage your time. No time wasted with inspections, or chasing down dead-end leads. Through one-on-one mentoring you'll learn how to use the telephone, computer, and fax machine to conduct a profitable business right from your home.

Financial Success Awaits You

If you're ready to make a positive and rewarding change in your life then let's talk today. Call me to discuss how you can achieve financial success through One-On-One Mentoring and Rent To Own aka Lease Purchasing.

It's a free consultation. What do you have to lose? Call (508) 595-9567, or if you prefer e-mail me with your number and I will call you.

To your success,

James Gage

For more information on our Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) Home Study Program Click Here.

Start Having A Great Life - TODAY ! You Deserve It.

Discover the Power of Two!