Is Lease Purchase Investing For Everyone?



By James A. Gage

The obvious answer most individuals would say if polled is no! But I believe the better question is - why not?

Letís look at why I believe everyone should employ this strategy for real estate investing, whether as a novice or seasoned professional. Let me pose a question: Why do we get involved in real estate investing? To make money of course! However, there is a myth circulating within the investing community that traditional real estate and creative real estate investing has minimal risk. Nothing could be further from the truth- let me explain.

I have been involved in real estate and other forms of investing for over 20 years and I can say without hesitation that all investing has risk, some more than others that being said there is always one exception to the rule, in this situation itís Lease Purchase. You receive all the benefits of control of the property without ownership- how can you beat that scenario? If the deal doesnít pan out the way you thought it would or the market turns against you in the future, thus turning a profitable transaction into a potential negative one you can walk away without losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. How? Because you have not invested that kind of capital in the first place. We, as smart lease purchase investors construct are contracts with iron clad terminology which provides us with escape options.

Lease Purchasing, AKA Rent To Own is the ultimate creative real estate niche strategy and can be used to control single family homes, condos, town homes, mobile homes, land and multi-dwellings. This strategy can also be used on foreclosures, probate, tax lien property and in place of low or no money down strategies. We can use this strategy in an up, down or side ways market while commanding 15%-20% above market rents and selling prices. The best part of this great strategy is I can give full price offers if I so choose and still make money. Do you think this alone will cause you to secure more deals?

In conclusion, I hope you can see the power of lease purchasing as I did many years ago this is truly real estate investing leverage at itsí best.



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